How has Jon Pardi inspired you?

Tell us how Jon Pardi has inspired you.



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stgibson57's picture

Our youngest son, Justin had addiction issues, we fought the battle for many years and thought he had finally beat it, unfortunately he did not and passed on 3/15/2017, he loved JP and his favorite song when he passed was “Dirt on my Boots”, my wife and I listen to it often and it was played at his Celebration of Life Ceremony. It has become our Anthem in remembrance of Just and his goofy dancing to the song, he tried to imulate JP’s dance move best he could and was actually pretty good at it but needed a little work. JP will forever be our favorite country artist and wish so much that Just was still here to listen to the new stuff. JP just know that every time we hear your music we may shed a few tears but it warms our souls and gives us comfort knowing Gibbie loved your music, he was the one that turned me on to your music. Wife and I saw you last year when you opened for Miranda and it was one the saddest and happiness moments of our life, I know very contradictory, but unfortunately that is our life now, but every time we hear you on the radio it brings a smile to our face and we sing the shit out whatever song it is. You will forever be on our playlist and we will always try to attend your concerts if nearby. I know it may sound weird but your music brings us much joy and healing from a very traumatic time in our life, rock on Pardi-animal and know we will be there anytime you are close to Atlanta!!

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One of the ways is that his good, true country sound is upbeat and hearing it on the radio is an encouragement to keep with this good theme: never give up! Radio doesn't always feature good music, so I take breaks from listening to it when it's bad song after bad song - but then they'll finally play a good song like Jon Pardi's! So: never give up hope for what's good and real; just wait and pray.

Just last night Jon inspired me as I thought about his good heart, and that of his drummer, Mitch White, in doing a 22 push-ups challenge to bring awareness to our soldiers' very real struggles with PTSD. Our soldiers, past, present and future, mean very much to me and, as I notice every year, the sound of fireworks is loud. I think of our soldiers sufferig from PTSD and how that noise, so loud even from miles away as it is where I live, effects them in a not good way. I was listening to Jon's music over top of the distant noise (thank you for that gift, too, Jon :) ), and thinking again about our soldiers with that side effect from the battlegrounds, and an inspired idea came to me. Surely there are areas in the U.S. where you can't hear the fireworks - they're far enough away, unike here. Maybe neighbors across America could invite soldiers to an Independence Day party at a nearby park or other available area where there are no fireworks - or the distance thunder thereof. So I'm answering this question of "How has Jon Pardi inspired you?" and hoping that if this situation applies to any good neighbors out there, maybe y'all will do that for our brave men and women who give so much to us. Thank you if you do and may the Creator bless you for it. :) I'm a Cherokee prayer warrior; I'm keeping them and all of y'all in my prayers for peace and blessings and joy each day. :) Thank you, Jon and Mitch, for your care for our soldiers and for the great music you provide among other blessings as well - like your cheerful smiles that can brighten any day. :) Wado equa! ("Thank you very much!" in Cherokee)

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There hasn’t been an artist in quite sometime that has tempted me to sit down with the tv off and just listen. Currently, I’m sitting at home after a crap day at work and just listening to Jon Pardi on Spotify, and it’s taking the load off my shoulders ( the beer helps too). It’s nice to be able to just put on music that you appreciate and can just listen to and feel better about life.

amber.backous's picture

I have listened to and loved Jon's music for quite a while now. My boyfriend and I just saw him when he came to North Dakota on the 12th, and we had such an amazing time. Jon has a certain energy that he exudes and it has a ripple effect throughout the crowd. I also love Foreigner, so I was beyond excited when he entered the stage to "Juke Box Hero." Anyway, you can really tell that Jon loves doing what he does... and so do we! Keep doing what you're doing!