How has Jon Pardi inspired you?

Tell us how Jon Pardi has inspired you.



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wyrick822's picture

Now I'm talking to the sweet thing, Backstage in Tennessee  she says she wants to take me home, show me a couple things I didn't know   Come on, let's go,  But I gotta hit the road in the morning. I'm headed down to San Antone!!!!   my gosh i love this man!

Jackie_Brown3's picture

I listen to Jon's songs almost every day when I get home from a stressful day at work. It calms me, puts me in a happy place. His songs all have so much meaning to them and they each tell a story. His voice is pretty soothing as well :) I met him in Indy at a restaurant and he's such a humble guy. Can't wait to see how far he goes with his career.