How has Jon Pardi inspired you?

Tell us how Jon Pardi has inspired you.



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Lilrose2307's picture

His persona leaves me to believe he is a very humble and genuine man! If I ever met him, I hope it proves to be true and hes still the same down to earth man who went from singing at the mall in a clothing store, while folks come and went without much notice, to today's gargantuan fan world he's gained. 

Derek_Logterman's picture

I like music but I like all types and artist and whenever people asked me who is your favorite. I could never get them a specific answer since there was so many good choices. But ever since I heard Jon Pardi I have had only 1 favorite artist. I bought his album and continuously listened it on replay. I then was over joyed to hear about his third album ( California Sunrise) and pre ordered it and I was able to have my girlfriend fall i love with his music. We listen to his albums weekly and we have competitions to see you can name the song first and who can sing it word for word. I am absolutely grateful I have been able to find a favorite artist and song in all the music I listen to. I would love to meet Jon and sing with him sometime!

KYPardi's picture

Jon Pardi, or Jonathan (how I jokingly refer to him when my friends are around), has for the first time in my life given me a reason to call myself a fan. And not even just a fan….#1 fan. Do I sound crazy yet? Yes? Then I must be doing this fan thing right. First I should start by explaining why I've never considered myself a "fan"  before. I've never understood fans or related. The idea of having such a strong interest in a person I don't know has always creeped me out. I'm 27 and I've just never been able to bring myself to obsess over anyone. But here I am today, head over boots for Jonathan, like a complete fan girl. Ok, I'll admit, the old me still cringes saying that, because I don't know Jon. But I AM obsessed with his music and definitely consider myself THE #1 fan of his music. It inspires and makes me happy everyday and it's been doing that for years, even way before he was on the radio. He's gotten me through the worlds worst breakup.. seriously it was so bad TV shows wanted me to do a special on it (which I declined because I was too busy listening to Jon's music with a smile on my face). His music inspires me to get through the bad days and excel during the good days. I can't be mad when I'm listening to his music and for that, I thank you Jon…athan. :)   

I tried getting my friends to go see Jon 2 years ago but they wouldn't do it because they didn't know who he was. Fast forward to today, this past weekend in Cincinnati, those same friends offered me pit tickets to see Jon because now they know who he is. Unfortunately I already made commitments with other friends to watch from the lawn, and couldn't imagine ditching the friends I originally committed to just to move up. Despite not taking those pit tickets, my friends all know how "obsessed" I am with Jon's music, and can vouch for my #1 fan status. 

I'd love the chance to see him again, and if there is ever a contest I want in on that!    


alysonsweaney's picture

My favorite song forever will be "Rainy Night Song". We went to the Meet and Greet in Fresno last weekend and I had the B-Sides album in my purse to ask Jon to sign, but I was so excited to meet him I completely forgot when I was standing next to him. It's a sad song, but I love it so much.