What is your favorite Pardi lyric?

Let us know the lyrics that inspired you. 



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Derek_Logterman's picture

And the thunder cries and lighting strikes, that's when I would hold you tight and say everything is gonna be alright. Everything is going to be alright.  I'd make you laugh, see you smile, I'd get real close and whisper goodnight and think about all the things we could do. Cause this rainy nights no fun without you.

jpkrazykajun's picture

....and when you wanna be wanted, and you need to be needed...you know I've always been waitin, and I guess what I'm sayin is I AM THAT MAN.........girl I think it's time you knew, that I'm here to pick you up and I won't let you down, girl whenever you're ready, I'll still be hanging around...(Anything written by Jon Pardi & Casey Beatheard has GOT to be good!!)