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Favorite Song? ALL OF THEM! They are on repeat. That is tough to answer but before California Sunrise was released, my favorite song has to be Borrowed Time. It reminds me that we don't have forever with people we love and things that we want to do. Reminds me not to work myself to death and have fun along the roller coaster called life. Since California Sunrise has been released, my favorite songs are "Heartache On The Dance Floor" (my ringtone) and "Dirt on My Boots", but let's be real, literally all the songs are amazing. All songs are on all my playlists and are constantly being listened to.

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Rainy Night Song is my absolute favorite. It reminds me of losing my first love and how I should treat my future love. It made me a better man and I am so thankful that a song could do that to me. My girlfriend and I drove over 5 hours one way to see you preform and I was hoping to hear that song but it wasn't in your concert. I want to see you again and meet you, possibly sing with you would be amazing! Especially Rainy Night Song! 

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I like music but I like all types and artist and whenever people asked me who is your favorite. I could never get them a specific answer since there was so many good choices. But ever since I heard Jon Pardi I have had only 1 favorite artist. I bought his album and continuously listened it on replay. I then was over joyed to hear about his third album ( California Sunrise) and pre ordered it and I was able to have my girlfriend fall i love with his music. We listen to his albums weekly and we have competitions to see you can name the song first and who can sing it word for word. I am absolutely grateful I have been able to find a favorite artist and song in all the music I listen to. I would love to meet Jon and sing with him sometime!