Jon Honored for No. 1 Success of “Head Over Boots”

"Country radio, thank you for making a country shuffle a No. 1 song," Jon Pardi exclaimed to a packed house at BMI's Nashville office on October 25. "I like No. 1 parties," he declared. The song was co-written with hitmaker Luke Laird, who has racked up 22 chart-toppers, according to BMI's Bradley Collins, host of the festivities.

Pardi took his time to celebrate his first No. 1 single, and thanked almost everyone in attendance who helped in the song's success. Among those, UMG Nashville VP, A&R Autumn House-Tallant. "You got me a record deal and I appreciate that," Pardi shouted.

Mike Dungan, head of Universal Music Group Nashville, said "Head Over Boots" was the most "Shazamed" song in country music this year, and added that the single has been certified platinum for having sold over 1 million copies.

To listen to "Head Over Boots" and more songs like Jon's latest single, "Dirt On My Boots" click HERE




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