Rolling Stone Names 'California Sunrise' one of the 40 Best Country Albums of 2016

2016 is coming to a close, and the end of the year lists are beginning to roll in.

This year, California Sunrise lands at #10 on Rolling Stone’s 40 Best Country Albums of 2016. Writer Jon Freeman says "Jon Pardi's second album California Sunrise is compelling proof that traditionalism doesn't have to sound old fashioned, stitching together electrified Bakersfield twang with modern production (even – gasp – loops!) and liberal fiddle and steel. It's a winning set of tracks that includes the groove-heavy, write-what-you-know album opener "Out of Style" and the breezy, sweet Number One hit "Head Over Boots." He also knows how to sling rowdy, good-timing bangers like "Paycheck" and "All Time High." But Pardi really turns up the heat with sexy, window-fogging jams like "Night Shift" and "Dirt on My Boots." Where many of his traditionalist peers looked backward for studied versions of the past, Jon Pardi kept his eyes firmly trained on the present."


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California Sunrise is available now.




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