How has Jon Pardi inspired you?

Tell us how Jon Pardi has inspired you.



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Kaschlimm's picture

There hasn’t been an artist in quite sometime that has tempted me to sit down with the tv off and just listen. Currently, I’m sitting at home after a crap day at work and just listening to Jon Pardi on Spotify, and it’s taking the load off my shoulders ( the beer helps too). It’s nice to be able to just put on music that you appreciate and can just listen to and feel better about life.

amber.backous's picture

I have listened to and loved Jon's music for quite a while now. My boyfriend and I just saw him when he came to North Dakota on the 12th, and we had such an amazing time. Jon has a certain energy that he exudes and it has a ripple effect throughout the crowd. I also love Foreigner, so I was beyond excited when he entered the stage to "Juke Box Hero." Anyway, you can really tell that Jon loves doing what he does... and so do we! Keep doing what you're doing!

Jess-2205's picture

Jon Pardi, makes my family come together and all have a great time! My soon to be 9 year old wants to meet Jon Pardi so BAD! he thinks he is Jon Pardi and listens to him everyday! Jackson Wears his boots, hat, and sings every song. Jon and I are the same age and have much in common with his music. My husband loves listening to him and we love how unique and different but at the same time original and classic his music is! We can't wait for him to come to Tampa! We keep watching for meet & greets for the summer tour but, haven't seen any yet! fingers crossed we can get them for this little guy for this birthday!!!!